Born and raised on the Navajo Nation, I am proud of who I am and where I come from. This blog was born out of a idea to share what is most important to me as a modern Navajo woman, my foundation of the Kinaaldá, puberty ceremony and Navajo cultural teachings. I believe in utilizing cultural learning as a tool for developing communities and engaging community members. I believe the only way we can create positve change in our society is to understand we are responsible to each other.

I am the owner of the greeting card company Naaltsoos Project which blends my love of paper and letter-writing with my commitment to language and cultural preservation. I co-founded the blog presence 4.0 as well as the multi-media project schmooze: lady connected, each project centers on controlling the narratives we posses as American Indian people and women.  My work as arts and museum professional is focused on educating the public about who American Indian people are today.

I am an auntie, sister, daughter and granddaughter. I am of the Táchii’nii (Red Running into the Water People). I am born for the Kii yaa’ aanii (Towering House People). My maternal grandfather is of the Tódikozhí (Salt Water clan) and my paternal grandfather is of the Monteath Clan from Scotland. I am from the communities of Lukachukai and Round Rock, Arizona.The oldest of four I remain connected to my family and community by monthly trips home to Navajoland. In my free time I write poems and short narratives, cultivate my skills as a photographer, hike and perform acts of kindness.

Jaclyn Roessel


JRoessel Navalady