Grownup Navajo’s presentation incorporates research garnered from years in the museum field.

++++Engaging Presentations
Confluence: Where Native Arts & Museums Meet
How do we create fluid partnerships with American Indian communities and artists in the educational, curatorial & outreach areas of our museum work? This presentation shares best practices of work that can be adapted to any arts organization.

What the Museum World Taught Me About Being Indian
In this talk Roessel shares lessons learned from her over decade long career in the museum field and how arts organizations can rise to the challenge of educating a public about the contributions of Native people today. Through examples of public misinformation, Roessel illustrates the opportunities for organizations to create content that has relevance to both American Indian communities and the public at large.

Other presentations:

++ Indigenizing Museums Practice in Programming


Reframing Indigenous Culture in the Future
A common stereotype of American Indian people is that they exist solely in the past, separate from the contemporary world. How do we reframe the context of American Indian people? Museums and other arts and culture organizations have an opportunity to serve as a catalyst in reframing public understanding. This workshop shares how organizations can envision generative partnerships with American Indian artists, communities and tribal governments, in culturally competent ways.