Sihasin in the Time of the Little Winds

Mask up relatives & be well!

Sihasin is one of my favorite words in Diné bizaad. It means “reflection” as in the act of reflecting. Innately as Diné, we are instructed to make space for this necessary action. As a life-long journaler, I love being in this state innately. There is so much I learn about myself, the projects I am working on and the relationships I participate when I am huddled over my journal. As I scribble away, taking note of how I am feeling or if there is something particular I want to look back on, I am filled with the sensation of accomplishment.

I appreciate this phase of our Diné  perspective because it reminds us that while it is important for us to create and make with intention, we have to close the cycle too. We have to look back and recognize what the lessons, significance from the previous experience(s) we want to bring forward with us. It also challenges us to think about what we could do better the next time. 

During this month of “the little winds or small slice of air”, I am thankful for health, the support and care of my partner as we continue to navigate this working from home, co-parenting life. (What a wild ride!!) I am thankful for the technology that my family has been weaving into our routine that keeps us connected. It has been a helpful healing balm in these cold months away from home.

In the spirit of sihasin, I wanted to share some of the work that I have been blessed to be a part of this fall. I hope you find inspiration and maybe even joy in some of them.


At the top of my accomplishments this fall was the celebration of the completion of my certified personal coaching program. I graduated from the Coaching for Equity and Transformation program with Leadership That Works! As one member of an all BIPOC cohort based here in New Mexico, my life has transformed. I learned alongside relatives whose lives as community organizers, non-profit executive directors, artists and activists continually inspired and nourished me. I have been coaching for three-months now, working with exclusively QTBIPOC folx across the country. I am so grateful for this unfolding journey. If you are interested in working with me, you can email me via the contact us page on our site and I can send you some information. 

In this piece for Edible New Mexico, I share about the importance of kinship and relationality for Native communities during this pandemic. 

This past week the blog Girl Soup invited me to share some work as part of their amplification of Indigenous voices. You can read my post about the power of Diné Joy and how it is lighting my way in this season. 

As part of Native American Heritage Month and in my role as Director of Decolonized Futures and Radical Dreams at the Department of Arts & Culture, we released a #HonorNativeLand Virtual Acknowledgment Pack. In it you will find virtual backgrounds for your next zoom meeting, social media slides to share about the importance of renewing your commitment to the practice of land acknowledgment. You can download this pack as well as our extensive Honor Native Land Toolkit here.

Connected to this work, if you are new to the importance of Land Acknowledgments, check out a talk I gave recently with Social Impact Studios

On our Grownup Navajo YouTube Channel you will find our latest posts that cover everything from post-election care, thoughts about the meditations I have been holding about my life during our pandemic and the Diné New Year’s importance. You can always subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a video. 


In the coming months, we’ll be sharing new work and projects. We continue to be appreciative for the love and support of this community.

This work runs on tasty gowééh usually sipped cold as I have been chasing a toddler around our home. If you are compelled to support this project, you can BUY ME A COFFEE by contributing here

Nonetheless, ahé’hee always for your love of our work!!

Published by Jaclyn Roessel

Jaclyn Roessel was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. She is founder of the blog Grownup Navajo. She co-founded the blog Presence 4.0, a Native style blog. She also co-founded the multi-media project schmooze: lady connected. Owner of the card company the Naaltsoos Project, Roessel is a philanthropist, American Indian advocate and museum professional.

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