Soliloquy of Hozhó

by Jaclyn Roessel

I challenge you to find new ways to describe my essence because

I’m beyond beautiful…

I am the strength of a mother who pushed hard to bring her daughter into this world when her heart stopped.

I am more than incredible…

As I am the resilience of my great-great-great grandmother who escaped from Hweełdí to return to Diné Bikeyáh.


My insight runs deep, as my heart beats to the rhythm of prayers sung by the medicine women in my life.

My light is the fire in the home, it’s omnipresent, wrapping itself around you until the chill dissipates.

I am light.

I am love.

Together this force is strong.

My force is strong and I unapologetically stand in its power throughout the day and long into the night.

I won’t submit to anything, I lived that way before and that kind of tiny life hurts.

I’m freer

Like this

I honor myself in this life by being the woman I’m meant to be.

I will grow. I will morph into my next form. I will become more woman.


Understand, I am always becoming.

Not because I’m not enough but because I am everything.


I am the trees, the sun, the flowers, the earth under your feet

I am the vivacity of flowing water as it caresses the embankment


I am a baby’s laugh, the First Laugh. Because this laugh reminds us we are meant for this earth

I am meant for this earth. Just like this laugh, I resonate in your soul

Reverberate and shake your being awake


I share this not as an excuse or warning but as a promise

I am molded in the image of Changing Woman and my power is something I share, flaunt and protect. It radiates from me slowly burning away the darkness and exposing love. This prismatic energy will make you want to love me more. I know this because I love me more with each step and effort to be more free, to be more me.

I constantly woo myself

My being is an endless love song, a soliloquy of Hozhó, sung like a prayer in a Hogan offering thanks and humbly requesting more blessings so this light can

Continue to shine

Continue to exude

Continue to radiate


Understand, I am always becoming.

Not because I’m not enough but because I am everything