In Reciprocity…

As if running in the brilliance of spring in the desert wasn’t enough to be grateful for, I returned home to find a special surprise tonight. A follower of the Grownup Navajo’s Instagram account sent me a very powerful and heartfelt message. Completely speechless and teary-eyed I read her words:

“Sister, I have to share how much your words have meant to me. I have been searching for my own light and growth but keep struggling but after watching and reading all that you have shared I cried! Not for sadness but for happiness knowing there are strong, beautiful and empowered women out there…”

These words from a beautiful kindred spirit left me incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. I decided to make a Vlog especially for this individual – Ms. Lady. Who will forever be a reminder to me to share my soulspeak with the world.

Yes, ayoígo shił Hozhó. I am overjoyed, humbled and honored to walk this path with you. We are meant for this Earth shík’é (my family), let us never forget this.

Keep shining love!

Published by Jaclyn Roessel

Jaclyn Roessel was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. She is founder of the blog Grownup Navajo. She co-founded the blog Presence 4.0, a Native style blog. She also co-founded the multi-media project schmooze: lady connected. Owner of the card company the Naaltsoos Project, Roessel is a philanthropist, American Indian advocate and museum professional.

4 thoughts on “In Reciprocity…

  1. Thanks for sharing this message. It is true, the more encouragement and love you share with the world the more it will be given to you! It inspires more women to do the same ☺

  2. Jaclyn, I bought a little book called “Songs from the Loom”.when I was visiting the Canyon de Chelly, in the Holliday Inn Hotel gift shop. It was written by Monty Roessel. I recognized you as a little girl. I loved the book, and will send it to my granddtr, Willa Melton, in Philadelphia. She is 9 yrs old now. She was visiting me in Feb, & we attended the Hoop Dance Contest at the Heard. I am a docent there…love the Heard, and enjoy the folks who come to see it. Thanx for all you do there. I read your blog too. Very interesting…love it. Martie Marshall

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